The Nostalgia Diaries

Heyo Everyone! Today I had this amazing idea of sharing some childhood memories with you all. And not only mine, you will also remember your childhood days.

Yes, we do not have much time as we grow up, this work is that work, but today, give me 5 min and remember those moments.

1) Stapu – This is an english from google but in our area we use to say ‘chippi’ .

2) Brick game – What will today’s children know, these toys that we used to insist from mom to buy…

3) Paper Fortune teller – Again, the name is by google otherwise I don’t even remember its name. We just use to ask friends, do you wanna play this?

4) Scooby – Is that the actual name for it? I don’t know but there was a time when scoobies were so damn famous and whoever knew the proper method was expert in everyone’s eyes.

5) Art set – Having this thing with you in school was way too exclusive. I still wonder about a bigger set, because they are just satisfying.

So that is it for today guys and not only this, I challenge my homie Flairlydime to write any 5 childhood games or toys she remembers and I’ll provide you with the link later.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next blog.

See Yaa 🖤


Walking down the street on my way home,
suddenly felt very heavy and empty

Was with my friends partying all night,
again felt quite heavy and empty inside

Neither I know the reason
Nor I wanna express it
And while trying to avoid it
I am picking up another poison
Some may name it alcohols,
Smoking, videogames and more....
Credits- Pinterest (my one and only mate)

Sometime we are in middle of conversations with our friends, everything is going well, full enjoyment but that void hits us like something is missing and all the happiness vanishes. We just keep it with ourself and laugh thinking its just something which will get over. It doesn’t make us sad nor happy.

And we just learn to live with this emotion, thinking it will get better soon.

Let me know if you are also dealing with this void thing. And do like, share and comment. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next blog.

See Yaa🖤

Outside Noisy Inside Empty


Feels worst when you have everything but nothing, can’t really understand?

(2 June, 2021)
Let me tell you I sort of experience it everyday where I have everything what I want surrounded by everyone but still feel lonely and kind of lost in my world. It’s just I feel like I have something very heavy on my head which needs to be cleared off by a good listener (like me). I know its not good to give yourself compliment but let me tell you, I am a good listener and that’s why I had many friends who liked me alot just so that they can open up about what they truly feel. I had 2 friends other than my group, but when I found comfort zone with them they left for their homeland and again as usual I was lonely. I just need someone who listens to me without any judgement, which are very rare to find.

There’s a saying in Japan that a human has 3 faces. One which he shows to the world, one which he shows to his closed one and one which he shows to himself. I don’t know about other but the 3rd face which everyone hide makes everything noisy and inside empty.

Its one of draft, felt comfortable so I posted it today, hehe.. Thank you so much reading and I’ll see you in my blog.

See Yaa🖤

Happy Friendship Day 💛

Heyo Everyone, what’s up!? Firstly Happy Friendship day Ya’ll. I remember those days when we all use to tie friendship bands and always counting number of bands we had on both of our hands. Then I had a time when I started losing people but just to show others I gave myself 2-3 bands extra (sometimes more) so that I can tell everyone I HAVE MORE FRIENDS ( I know thats creep 💀). Now I am looking back with zero bands on my hand (nope, it doesn’t mean i don’t have one). It’s just that ‘time flies’.

This blogpost is dedicated to my best friend Flairlydime from the bottom of my heart ( when did I started doing such formalities). I had so many stuff on my mind when I was planning to write this but right now it all just vanished 😢. Hahaa give me a sec i am trying to remember…..👀👀

Saw this on Pinterest and I am not gonna copy it down just for writing purpose, but whatever written in it is actually true.


So yaa, that’s it for today, felt too emotional that I forgot it’s 2 of August but still I am gonna post. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in my next blog.

See Yaa 🖤

My new phone but I do miss old one

It actually stopped working otherwise i had plan to use it for 1 more year.

2 June, 2021

Today I’m gonna buy myself a new phone. I mean yes because right now I’m in a bus on the way to buy a new phone for myself. But deep down I don’t know what it was like I’m missing my old phone. It’s because it was my 1st ever android phone which my dad gifted me after I passed my 10th boards. So somewhere in my heart there is a soft corner for this phone too. I know this is quite weird and hard to digest but yes this phone was very close to my heart. Although some people criticized my cell just because it didn’t had certain features I used it for almost 4 years without any regrets. It has so many memories that i don’t wanna throw it away, I’ll keep it with me. I don’t know why we (or is it just me) get attached to every single thing. Its like I wanna keep it forever with me. Its time to say bye as we’ll reach the stop by anytime, so byeeee.


While checking my draft, I found this piece. I previously had 2 thoughts while uploading this but now I guess I don’t care 🤷. Thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you in my next blog.

See Yaa🖤

Just some Scribbling…

P.C – Pinterest (of course man, I can never have this good picture😂)

I have a fear…

Will I ever get the feeling of real love,

Or it’s just a myth and known as lust……

Will I ever meet someone who is my true reflection,

Or it’s just a mirror world where I can’t be real……

Will I ever be good enough for someone,

Will I ever get my loved one,

Or I’ll always end up being alone….

Will I ever meet someone who will hold my hand and say we’re in this together,

Or I have to make myself so strong, because I think no one will remain forever…..

Heyo everyone, I just tried something new for the first time. I got the inspiration from flairlydime Flairlydime as she posted a very beautiful and deep poem. Don’t judge it’s my first time to write such thing. I just expressed the way I was feeling. If you liked it, do let me know your views and I’ll see you in my next blog.

See Yaa🖤

Happy One year on WordPress!!

Heya Fellas!! How are y’all? It’s been a year since we are on WordPress. Wow, I never imagined myself in the field of writing and stuff because I always believed it’s not for me as I do a lot of mistakes .

20th June, 2020- The day I started blogging.

As I shared the story before, it was this crazy chick who forced to start my own blogging page. Even after starting, I never had immense feeling towards it. Still I continued and got to know it’s one of the best way to express yourself out, however you want. Nobody’s gonna judge you, it’s your own page, express the way you want. That’s when I knew this thing is actually perfect for me because whenever I feel extremely happy or sad I just sit down with a pen and a paper and write whatever I feel. I might have shared this thing before too but yeah it’s absolutely true. Especially after leaving my hometown this was everything.

Thank you so much for bearing all my nonsense blogs😅😂. I love em all but they might be clueless to you guys, I just hope it’s not. I know sometimes (every time) I don’t make sense but please bear me in future too, the same way you all did last year. Your every view, like, comment do mean a lot to me. It’s just makes me feel I’m not alone here😂.

Once again thank you so much, keep supporting and yeah, that’s it for today. I’ll see you all in my next blog.

See yaa🖤

19 things I learned at 19!

Day 17

Hola guy’s, how are ya’ll. June 17th, the day I turned 19 that’s why i did certain changes in topic and instead of that I wanted this one. Hope you all will be okay with this decision.

My 19th birthday went really well. I really really learned so many things. I list it down below.

1) Parents are actually right.

2) To Never show my true emotions to anyone.

3) Parties are Overrated.

4) Rewarding myself for every small achievement.

5) Will never wait for anyone else, if I feel right I’ll just do it.

6) To not expect much from anyone.

7) To not let my past bother me.

8) Loving myself the way I am.

9) Trying to fulfil wants by my own, it values it even more.

10) I learned some Ukrainian phases, it’s just lovely.

11) It’s okay not to be okay!

12) To be around on those who think good for me. Basically positive surrounding is very important.

13) Nothing Lasts forever

14) Second chances are good, but don’t need to give em endlessly.

15) Will put myself first.

16) I won’t get everything I wished for, but I’ll surely make things work better.

17) Never be too obsessed with anything.

18) Not everyone will stay in my life.

19) I’ll always do things that will make me happy.

So theses are the 19 things, I know these are some serious points but they are true af. It’s the truth and I realized I should follow it this way.

So yeah that’s it for today hope you all enjoyed my blog. Since on 17th of June, I had my birthday I tried very hard to complete my blog but somehow I couldn’t, and continuously I missed the two days. I just wanna apologize for that as I couldn’t make it up to the challenge but I’ll promise you all I’ll surely complete it. Thank you so much reading my blog and I’ll see you tomorrow.

See yaa🖤

An accomplishment you are proud of!

Day 16..

Heyo what’s up? I’m here with another hard topic for myself in which I have share an accomplishment I’m proud of, but I think I don’t have a proper answer for that.

First of all I’m really proud that I’m a Karate kid. I accomplished it till purple which was just 3 steps away from being a black belt. I wanna complete those 3 steps too, and I’ll do it soon. There’s support from my dad too. He was the one who forced me at first to join karate classes. I never liked it. I always told him, I’ll leave it after a month, but then we just kept going on and on and on then after almost 2 years I achieved till purple and left it because I had my boards.

I guess this is the only thing I’ve achieved in my life. Yeah man, I don’t have anything else, oh no wait I do have. When WordPress showed me I received more than 20 likes for the 1st time I felt very proud. Also when I got to know that I completed 500 views and graph was going up I felt very very happy.

I don’t think I have anything more than that, if I remember I’ll write it by saying part two but I don’t think I’ll have one. So yeah that’s it for today. Hope you all enjoyed the blog and I’ll see in my next blog.

See yaa

If you won the lottery, what would you do?

Day 15

Heya everyone! Today we have the topic of if i won the lottery what would I do. It’s a nice topic I must say because I really imagined myself winning one and thinking what would I do, how would I spend it further, all those stuff. So let’s get started.

Let’s say I won x amount of money, first and most important I’ll help my father clear all the loans and everything. I’ll try to clear as many things as I can and make him free because I know that’s a burden on his head.

Secondly, I’ll give that money to my parents and tell them to go on a trip. I’ll tell my dad to pause his work life and spend all his time with us especially with my mum. I really thought I would do this because I still have a lot of chances or I’ll build myself to do it on my own and let them free.

Thirdly I’ll donate some for charity purposes. Our school has showed us both old age homes and Orphanage so we’ve seen the faces and I want a small change from my side.

I guess that’s it. Because after this my lottery amount will finish. 😂😂😂 . Just kidding……. but yeah that’s it for today. Hope you all enjoyed the blog today and see you tomorrow.

See yaa🖤

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